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LED crystal light box - an eye catching way to illuminate your posters 2017-08-16

LED crystal light box is an eye catching way to illuminate your posters and graphics that adds sparkle and interest drawing attention to your promotional messages.The light boxes includes suspended floor to ceiling cables, one or several acrylic light pockets, available in standard size.Select from single or double sided light box options.

light boxes for outdoor signage 2017-08-09

Outdoor signage still remains an effective tool to attract attention and engage new customers for businesses of all sizes. Our Outdoor Locking LED lighting box is more than just an outdoor display. This light boxes is designed to take the often underutilized outdoor display and turn it into an exciting and valuable piece of visual marketing. This light box includes all the features...

A supreme quality LED crystal light box 2017-08-02

We have high specialization in offering supreme quality LED crystal light box. Featuring an elegance and sheen from within, these ultra slim light boxes are best suited for creating a center of attention at public places. The graphics will glow from the light boxes which are developed using the LED luminous panels. Designed under strict quality supervisi

LED crystal light box for your well planned advertisements 2017-07-26

LED crystal light box and flick the power switch on the back of the frame for immediate luminosity to showcase translucent poster prints. Each lighting display is vibrant due to the laser engraved illumination guide plate beneath the silver trim border. Wall mounting by design, the light boxes with silver standoffs can easily be installed as desired whil...

a broad compilation of slimline light boxes 2017-07-19

We are engaged in offering a broad compilation of slimline light boxes. Accessible with us in customized options, these offered LED lightboxes are widely applauded and recommended for their longer life and reliability. 

1.Precise design

2.Energy efficiency


Range of super slimline light boxes 2017-07-12

We can offer widest range of super slimline light boxes, It can actually be called an illuminated poster frame.

1.Aluminum alloy frame, semi-curved/flat profile/flat frame, good appearance.

2.Super slim/ultra thin, the thickness is more thinner than the traditional one.

3.Top quality optical light guide panel is used for even illumination.


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