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Light box maintenance 2017-11-13

Light boxes because of its elegant appearance, strong advertising effect, by the vast number of merchants widely adopted, however, light box maintenance has become a big problem, many businesses don't know how should I to go to preventive maintenance and light boxes, makes the service life of the light box, light box maintenance and maintenance, prolong the service life of the light box is the first store

For the LED to be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, temperature for the storage and 40 ℃ to + 100 ℃, relative humidity below 85%. The outer packing have higher req...

Light box classification 2017-11-06

According to the material points

Ultra-thin light boxes, light box, scrolling light box, crystal light box, lab light box, electronic light box, EL light box, LED lighting box, acrylic light box, aluminum box, glass fiber reinforced plastic light boxes, stainless steel light boxes, etc.

According to the shape points

Square box, circular box, 3 d box, three-dimensional light boxes, double-sided light box, light box, clamshell light boxes, pillar landing light box, the three light box, the sucker type light boxes, in painting light box, scrolling light box, light box, color ...

light boxes with the latest technology 2017-09-28

Unifitting offer a wide gamut of light boxes. This is manufactured using premium grade raw-material and the latest technology in synchronization with set universally accepted norms of quality. In addition to this LED lighting box, our offered range is highly appreciated by

The most extensive selection of LED light box display 2017-09-15

Unifitting offers the most extensive selection of LED light box display on the market today. We have a wide variety of stock products in popular sizes, finishes, and styles - available within days. In addition, we can produce versatile cu

LED light box display​ for you 2017-09-08

We are one of the reputed organization engaged in providing LED light box display.

1. Energy-saving:compared with the traditional light box of the equal area, the product economize on electricity more than 70%.

2. Environmental protection:more than 95% materials of super slim light box can be recycled to use.

3. Super slim:the thicknes

light boxes - more excitement and sales opportunities for you 2017-08-30

Unifitting provides visual presentation solutions that can help generate more excitement and sales opportunities for you and your business. From energy-saving, illuminated light box signs to multimedia touchscreen kiosks,Unifitting offers the latest in visual presentation technology for indoor and outdoor environments. We also produce custom products, including large-format kiosks, directories, and other eye-catching, graphic display solutions that can take your presentation

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