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To hang a picture or a poster 2017-08-10

To hang a picture or a poster was never that easy!Unifitting are offering complete range of patented gallery systems. The picture hanging rail systems can be easily mounted into any types of walls and ceilings. Uses of Unifitting photo hanging systems are unlimited with many advantages:

self-gripping hooks​ for hang photo 2017-08-04

This self-gripping hooks is a variant of our most popular hook and  boasts of a larger throat to handle bulky hanging mechanisms such as rope or woven fabric and macrame. The most significant distinction is in the security bail much like that found on a carabiner. This prevents an item from becoming dislodged, providing the reference to "secure" in the name. 

Picture hanging systems - the best way to hang your pictures! 2017-07-28

Organize and rearrange your pictures, paintings, picture frames and photos easily and stylishly with Unifitting photo hanging systems! Our cable picture hanging system are very easy to install. Once installed, you’ll be able to organize and rearrange your pictures time and time again without any tools, nails or s

Photo hanging systems hang your pictures on wall 2017-07-21

  • Photo hanging systems hang your pictures quickly and easily on every wall type, picture hanging hook and cords sold separately.

  • The popular hook for photo hanging systems​ 2017-07-14

    Our most popular hook and it offers the highest weight capacity for photo hanging systems. Slide it up the loop cable and it holds in place. To lower this hook, pinch the top towards the body to release the internal mechanism. The hook profile makes it compatible with most applications. Self-Gripping is a term used to describe premium hooks that require

Photo hanging systems for your needs 2017-07-07

We can easily order photo hanging systems that perfectly suits your needs. Arrange and rearrange your pictures fast and flexibly, without tools. Use a hanging system at home, at your office, gallery, museum or workspace. Our picture rails, cables, hanger rod and accessories cover the broadest range of applications, from small photo displays to muse

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