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The production process 2017-11-29

The production process of the edge grip standoffs is similar to that of other screws. Only the screw was punched out by the screw, and the nut was punched out of the nut. The production process of the edge grip standoffs is introduced.

1. Firstly, we need to make sure that the riveting nut is the material, and what materials are used, we can use what materials to produce, and what materials to produce. Knowing what materials and materials are used, we can buy screw wire.

2. Det...

standoffs​ 2017-11-23

Stainless steel standoffs, also called pressure riveting screw or nut column, is used in sheet metal, thin plate, chassis, cabinets, a fastener,stainless steel standoffs its end a hexagonal shape, the other end is cylindrical, hexagonal side with cylindrical with a relief groove, its shape as the internal thread, through the press to press the hex head into the preset hole plate (preset hole aperture generally slightly greater than the pressure riveting screw cylinder diameter) of the plastic deformation around the h...

Advantages 2017-11-16

SO (SOS) self - riveting hole nut column is widely used in metal plate, control box and power supply cabinet. The particularity of its structure, when assembling, simply put the nut column into the hole in the metal plate, and the "squeeze riveting" operation has the following advantages:

1. Realize the length guarantee of distance range, greatly simplify the assembly process, and speed up the production schedule of assembly spacing panels and accessories.

2. The back of the plate shall be completely inlaid, while ensuring the smooth surface of the cylinder head a...

Classification of steel riveting nut column 2017-11-08

Pressure riveting nut from material and female form is divided into fast cutting steel hole pressure riveting nut column type SO riveting nut, stainless steel hole pressure column type SOS, fast cutting steel blind hole type solved pressure riveting nut BSO and stainless steel blind hole pressure riveting nut type column BSOS four, respectively applied in different using environment.

There are no specific national standards for riveting nuts. Early manufacturers came from the United States and gradually formed the industry standard after being introduced into the country. Most domesti...

an extensive variety of prevalent quality scope of stainless steel standoffs 2017-09-25

We are occupied with offering an extensive variety of prevalent quality scope of stainless steel standoffs. This mounting sign fixing is acclaimed for unwavering quality and durable development. This mounting sign fixing is made utilizing amazing quality crude material with the assistance of front line innovation.

stainless steel standoffs in different dimensions 2017-09-13

We offer a wide assortment of stainless steel standoffs in different dimensions. These mounting sign fittings are made using supreme quality stainless steel. These products are widely appreciated for their durability, compact design and resistance properties. We offer mounting sign fittings at industry leading prices.

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