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Stainless steel standoffs with a very flashy appearance 2017-08-14

Stainless steel standoffs bring with them an industrial look with a very flashy appearance. The way these standoff caps reflect light is quite unique. Plastic mounts have arrived in the color of glassgreen. These standoffs are very affordable and offer something completely different when compared to normal metal stand-offs. Our A stainless steel standoffs for sign 2017-08-07

These stainless steel standoffs are used to create a sleek, three-dimen

a number of stainless steel standoffs 2017-07-31

Unifitting had a number of customers requesting stainless steel standoffs of varying lengths and diameters. Typically, we make standoffs up to 2 inches in diameter and 6 inches in height, so some of these custom jobs have been real treats for us.For all of them, we used solid sign standoffs. Each standoff was weighty in its own right, almost comparable to dumb

stainless steel standoffs for any signage display 2017-07-24

The stainless steel standoffs with a satin brushed finish provides more of a dull finish or matte while the polished provides a shiney, reflective surface. Both of these finishes are sure to provide a contemporary look to your signage solutions.This type of sign hardware standoff allows for the creatio

stainless steel standoffs with an unique appearance 2017-07-17

Our cheap stainless steel standoffs are ideal for all your indoor applications.Our elegant finish will give you a unique appearance that will make it stand out, nothing else! Because the installation process of edge grip kitsis simple, you can show any objects you want anytime and anywh

stainless steel standoffs for indoors 2017-07-10

The stainless steel standoffs is made of high quality solid stainless steel. Applicable to indoor use.The standoff for display provide 1/2, 3/4 and 1 "diameter, install

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