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  • 平端广告钉
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  • 平端广告钉

Brass Flat Top Sign Standoffs CN-1919

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Our brass flat standoff is one of our best selling products, it's widely used by different customers from overall the world.

More colors & finish choice. Can be used for outdoor.

Optional parts( Not included in standard package): Washers, Screws & Anchors

Available colors:

CP- Polished Chorme

SS- Satin Silver

SC- Satin Chrome

BG- Polished Gold

Custom colors & finishes are also available.

Product Specifications

Item No.: CN-1919

Diameter: 19mm

Spacer: 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, etc.

Cap thickness: 6mm

Screw pole size: Dia.10mm L16.5mm

Max panel thickness: 5mm   

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