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Латунные стойки

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Латунные стойки для знаков с плоским верхом и локатором CR-1614

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CR Series sign standoff is made from high quality solid brass rod. It's elegant with round edge on the cap.

There is a samll hole on the cap for secure use. There is a locator at the bottom of the spacer.

It's easy for installing the standoffs.

More colors & finish choice. Can be used for outdoor.

Optional parts( Not included in standard package): Washers, Screws & Anchors

Доступные цвета:

CP- Polished Chorme

SS- Satin Silver

Custom colors & finishes are also available.

Технические характеристики изделия

Пункт №: CR-1614

Диаметр: 16mm

Spacer: 14mm

Cap thickness: 5.5mm

Screw pole size: Dia.4mm L8.5mm

Max panel thickness: 3mm

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